Providing Student Scholarships


The Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation was established in part to fund and distribute scholarships to the poorest students attending our schools in the San Francisco New Orleans District. In 2014, at the recommendation of the Brother Visitor, the De La Salle Christian Brothers funded a new $2 million endowment as a show of support for this mission and to initiate an endowment campaign.


The goal is simple: to provide a Lasallian education to any student who meets the qualifications to enroll.


The number of schools relying on LCBF to help meet the present need for scholarships

Approximately 1,400

The number of Lasallian students who qualify as living below the poverty level

Achieving our goal today requires exponential growth in scholarship assistance.

A gift to the LEF, through the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation, provides scholarships to underserved students attending our Lasallian schools. Your generosity offers them the opportunity to receive a Lasallian education and become part of the 96 percent of LEF scholarship recipients who graduate and attend college—often the first in their family to do so. Providing our students with tuition assistance significantly reduces their chance of leaving school; dropout rates exceed 50 percent in some urban public schools. LEF scholarships are a unique way of partnering with the Lasallian schools who are directly providing the $26.3 million in needs-based scholarships to poor and working-class families. Student aid demand for just the 1,400 students who qualify for LEF scholarships is $16 million annually ($11,429 per student)—that’s 61 percent of available scholarship funds serving only a fraction of the students who need help.

“My goal was to get out of the ghetto; to rise above crime, poverty and the shame that went with it. I believed a Lasallian education would give me dignity and self-respect. And I can tell you it has.”

Tammy Ramos, Attorney and Teacher

Lasallian Education Fund Board of Directors

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William McLeod

Chair of the Lasallian Education Fund
Bill McLeod served for 39 years at St. Mary’s College in various leadership positions, including Dean of Students, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Administration and Major Gifts Officer. He previously served as Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Fresno following a teaching and administrative career at San Joaquin Memorial. Bill is a member of the Y&H Soda Foundation and a Trustee of the East Bay Scholarship Fund. He earned his B.A. degree from St. Mary’s College in 1964 and attended San Joaquin Memorial High School when it was under the direction of the Christian Brothers. Bill has been especially strong in promoting the Lasallian educational mission.

John Brennan

Senior Vice President, Umpqua Bank, San Francisco
Following careers at both Hibernia Bank and Sanwa Bank, John Brennan is experienced in commercial and industrial lending, as well estate and wealth management. He is a director on the Board of the De La Salle Institute and a member of the Executive Committee, providing assistance and counsel in the areas of financial planning and investments. Born and raised in San Francisco, he is an alumnus of the University of San Francisco in Economics and the sibling of David Brennan, FSC, a former Brother Visitor. John is a passionate advocate of Lasallian education. A Lasallian Education Fund Board member since 2011, he also serves on the development committee for the LCBF Board.

Bill Isetta

Founder and CEO of Orbis Payment Services
Mr. Isetta’s company provides administrative services for internet commerce. Prior to his work at Orbis, Bill was a high school teacher and coach, and also served as Principal of Marin Catholic High School (Kentfield) for over 15 years. He is a native of San Francisco, and earned a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of San Francisco (1966). Bill has a long affiliation with the Christian Brothers at Mont La Salle and, through his wide network of family and friends, he is strong advocate and fundraiser for the educational mission of the Brothers. A Board member since 2012, he also serves on the development committee of the LCBF Board.

Brother Mark Murphy, FSC

Vice Chair of Operations, Lasallian Education Fund
COO, Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation
 Brother Mark served as Brother Visitor for the District of San Francisco from 1987 to 1995, following teaching and administrative positions in the District’s high schools. He also served 17 years in Southeast Asia, living with and working as Advisor to the Brothers in India and Myanmar, with secondary responsibilities in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand and Singapore. Currently, he is a director of the De La Salle Institute and the District Council of the Brothers. Brother Mark earned a B.A. from St. Mary’s College, Moraga, in 1965 and an M.A. from University of Detroit in 1971.