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September 14, 2024

“a little wine in moderation seems to have been good for me.”

— Brother Timothy Diener

Your support helps to provide those most in need with a quality Lasallian education.

Thanks to the overwhelming response of our wonderful donors who have purchased wine to support student scholarships in the past, LCBF has raised thousands of dollars to help support Lasallian education in our schools through our seasonal wine sales. We appreciate your participation in these fundraisers and thank you for all you do to advance our mission of education to those in need.

“…a special bottle of cabernet, not only because of the story of Brother Timothy and that it’s providing charity for at risk children; it’s special because it’s small production, hard to find and very good wine, to top it off.”



Made from grapes grown right here at Mont La Salle, this estate reserve Cabernet is handmade by Dave Guffy, The Hess Collection’s celebrated winemaker, with grapes from the two-acre Mont La Salle Vineyard on Mt. Veeder in Napa. Brother Timothy wine is a labor of love, generously donated by Hess Persson Estates. Less than 275 cases are produced each year and we sell only to our friends and benefactors.

2019 Brother Timothy Mont La Salle Vineyard Chardonnay

Floral and tropical aromas, crisp acidity, and subtle oak notes. The Su’skol Vineyard benefits from its proximity to the San Pablo and San Francisco Bays. Situated fewer than 10 miles from San Pablo Bay, the cooling marine influence on this vineyard is profound. Morning fog and afternoon breezes lower the average daily temperature, creating an ideal climate for growing Chardonnay. The vineyard is named for the native Su’skol people who used the site as a meeting place and valued the nearby sources of fish and game.

2018 & 2019 Brother Timothy Mont La Salle Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

This full-bodied wine celebrates the winemaking style of beloved Brother Timothy while highlighting the signature features of a true Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon. A hallmark of this well-structured wine includes the aromas of juicy, ripe raspberry, cocoa, and softer notes of violet. The 2018 vintage displays intense flavors of dark fruit, layers of sweet currant liqueur, and subtle hints of vanilla, while the new oak barrels deliver spice and milk chocolate elements. 77% Cab Sauv, 12% Malbec, and 11 % Merlot.


The De La Salle Christian Brothers and their lay partners are stronger than ever today; and the legacy of Brother Timothy, his commitment to serve those in need, continues with the annual release of the Brother Timothy Cabernet Sauvignon.

All proceeds benefit the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation and will continue helping underserved youth transform their lives through education.

About Br. Timothy Diener


Br. Timothy Diener was a renowned pioneer among the Christian Brothers and California vintners alike.

After Prohibition ended, Br. Timothy was the winemaker for Christian Brothers for many years at Mont La Salle in Napa, CA. In 2003, a number of winemakers paid tribute to Brother Timothy on his 75th anniversary as a Christian Brother. Guests included Robert Mondavi, who characterized his friend and fellow vintner as one of a handful of industry pioneers.

He was a legend; he was the heart of the industry

— Robert Mondavi

This Brother Loved to Make Wine … and he was good at it

The Christian Brothers were a major force in the wine industry during the middle decades of the 20th century. People across the United States knew of and bought their products. Admirers included Randle Johnson, winemaker for The Hess Collection Winery.

“When I was growing up, my parents had Christian Brothers wine on the table. My father’s favorite brandy was Christian Brothers,” says Johnson in a Chicago tribune story.

After the Brothers moved out of winemaking, The Hess Collection took a long term lease on some of the Mont La Salle vineyards and makes a limited edition of cabernet sauvignon with grapes from vines Diener planted. This wine is used to promote scholarships for the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation which seeks to give access to Lasallian schools to families with few economic resources.

More About the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation 10-Day Wine Sales

Through the Wine for Scholarships sales, proceeds from your purchase of Br. Timothy Cabernet Sauvignon support the Lasallian mission, which strives to promote a human and Christian education to the young especially the poor. Just as Brother Timothy believed in his mission as a Christian Brother and science teacher, so did he pour his heart and soul into finely crafting the best wines. For Brother Timothy, there was never a conflict between making the wine and pursuing an educational mission. He once stated: “What I say is that a little wine in moderation seems to have been good for me.” Today, the Christian Brothers and their Lasallian partners continue to place their greatest focus on the need for improving the education of young people. We invite you to share in the legacy of Brother Timothy by your support for Lasallian education.