The Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation (LCBF) raises funds for scholarships for underservedĀ students to attendĀ San Francisco New Orleans District Lasallian schools and for the care and support of the Brothers who joyfully and faithfully educate and serve them. Your gifts make our mission possible.

Working to safeguard the future of present school communities and provide the means for expanding who and where we serve, the LCBF supports two of the most important resources in the Lasallian educational missionā€”our students and our Brothers.Ā Your annual donations, contributions, and endowment gifts to the LCBF, which distributesĀ funds to both goals as needed, ensure that our schools will serve needy students and deserving Brothers, both today and in the future. If you wish, you may ask LCBF to direct your gift where you discern the most need: student scholarships orĀ care of the Brothers.

Student Scholarships: The Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation provides scholarships for underserved students

Together, we provide tuition assistance to students whose families live at or below the poverty level and cannot pay the full cost of tuition. Approximately twenty percent of the student population in all twenty-one San Francisco New Orleans District middle and secondary schools currently qualify for the highest levels of financial support. Our goal is to increase the number of needy students that we are able to assist. Donors help to subsidize the schools and students most in need.

Care of the Brothers: LCBF supports retirement and health care of senior Brothers

Together, we fund the care and well-being of Brothers by supporting their lifelong needs. Donors help to subsidize housing, health care, education, and pastoral care for Brothers who willingly and humbly have educated and served those in need.