of a Lasallian Education
in the District of San Francisco New Orleans

Supporting the Lasallian education of students at the poverty line is an investment in the future of these children, their Lasallian schools, and the communities in which they live.

Our students are underserved primarily due to their financial situations but are provided a tremendous opportunity to develop their potential through a Lasallian education. Low-income students have historically achieved great success in our schools. They become the beneficiaries of university scholarships and grants that fund their higher education, hopefully reversing the cycle of poverty. Scholarships for underserved students benefit Lasallian schools by increasing diversity on campus, and whole school communities are made more aware of our responsibility to honor and serve those most in need.

Impact Snapshot

A look at the support LCBF provides students throughout the District of San Fransisco New Orleans.

Number of schools
Students eligible for free or reduced lunch in 2022-2023
Full or partial scholarships provided by LCBF
Graduation rate for LCBF scholarship recipients

Your contribution to LCBF is an investment in life-changing education.



beyond what is presently given to ensure every student in the District of SFNO that desires a Lasallian education can receive one.

Education is the foundation of all opportunity.

A gift to the scholarship fund is also a gift to recipients’ families who make great sacrifices to send their children to our schools.

Families live with the constant worry of meeting tuition payments. Investing in our students and families in need is an investment in the whole community. We find that our graduates often seek careers in health, education, law, and leadership positions that provide them with an opportunity to serve their communities in an important way. By reversing the cycle of poverty in this generation, you are assuring future generations economic sustainability and prosperity.

“My goal was to get out of the ghetto, to rise above crime, poverty, and the shame that went with it. I believed a Lasallian education would give me dignity and self-respect. And I can tell you it has.”

“It is with sincerity that I remind you that your support ensures a future for all of us. Not every kid born of a family of humble and immigrant origins in the heart of downtown (and raised in the grittier half) can claim to have been fortunate to take the path I have taken. The students of my school—like me and other successful past graduates—are your investment.”

“I am the youngest of three siblings. My parents immigrated and do custodial work to support us. I am thankful that I was able to experience many opportunities that not many students can. I have grown in so many ways during my time here and know I am well-prepared for the next chapter of my life to attend a four-year university because of the education and experiences I received at this Lasallian school.”

“I am inspired by my mother’s bravery. She moved to the United States without speaking English and also endured heart surgery. She has been a role model for me in how to be resilient and determined in challenging classes that I have taken, such as AP Calculus. I am a senior at a Lasallian high school.

Support for the Brothers

Providing for those who provided for so many.

Supporting the needs of the Brothers—who selflessly spend their lives in association for the service of the poor through education—is an investment in the future of the Lasallian mission, schools, and Brothers. The De La Salle Christian Brothers give and have given so much over 300 years. To continue transforming the lives of children, the Brothers need to cultivate vocations, continue formation, and meet their lifelong needs. A gift to the lifelong care of the Brothers meets their educational, spiritual, healthcare, and retirement needs well into the future.

Your investment will help them continue to serve all students, regardless of their circumstances.

The Brothers in retirement remain active with the support of skilled medical staff and physical therapists, and have recently received level access to vehicles for appointments, open shower entrances, and higher toilets. They celebrate the holy days with aplomb and welcome your continued prayers and blessings.

“I like the ‘what’s next?’ in life. What’s the next adventure? Then I just go into it. For example, now I think a lot about death. After all, I’m 95 years old. I think it’s going to be a great adventure. I want nothing to do with fear.”

— Brother Dominic Ruegg, FSC, 1918 – 2019