The Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation was established in part to fund and distribute scholarships to the poorest students attending our schools in the San Francisco New Orleans District. In 2014, at the recommendation of the Brother Visitor, the De La Salle Christian Brothers funded a new $2 million endowment as a show of support for this mission and to initiate an endowment campaign.

The goal is simple: to provide a Lasallian education to any student who meets the qualifications to enroll.


The number of schools relying on LCBF to help meet the present need for scholarships

Achieving our goal today requires exponential growth in scholarship assistance.

A gift to the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation provides scholarships to underserved students attending our schools. Your generosity offers them the opportunity to receive a Lasallian education and become part of the 96 percent of scholarship recipients who graduate and attend college—often the first in their family to do so. Providing our students with tuition assistance significantly reduces their chance of leaving school; dropout rates exceed 50 percent in some urban public schools. These scholarships are a unique way of partnering with the Lasallian schools who are directly providing the $26.3 million in needs-based scholarships to poor and working-class families. Student aid demand for just the 1,400 students who qualify for scholarships is $16 million annually ($11,429 per student)—that’s 61 percent of available scholarship funds serving only a fraction of the students who need help.

“My goal was to get out of the ghetto; to rise above crime, poverty and the shame that went with it. I believed a Lasallian education would give me dignity and self-respect. And I can tell you it has.”

Tammy Ramos, Attorney and Teacher