In 2013, the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation (LCBF) was created for two purposes: to meet the funding requirements for scholarships for underserved students and to provide long-term funding for the well-being, perpetuation, and care of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

To achieve our mission, LCBF seeks the annual funding and endowments necessary to continue serving the students in our schools whose families qualify for federal free and reduced price meals programs. We need a significant increase in funds to help parents who cannot afford the cost of the high-quality education they desire for their children, students who are capable and motivated to achieve. Together with the schools, we are able to provide tuition for about 1,400 students each year, and yet there are many more such families who want their sons and daughters to have the opportunity to attend our Lasallian schools.

At the same time, we need to raise additional funds to not only ensure that more Brothers will be available to teach in our San Francisco New Orleans District schools, but also provide high-quality care for senior Brothers who have already given their working lives in active service to the schools.

The Founders Board of LCBF is a fundraising body that, through the foundation,¬†promotes and supports the Lasallian Education Fund for student scholarships and the Christian Brothers Charitable Trust for the Brothers’ needs. The distinguished members of the board represent the highest levels of expertise, commitment, and passion for the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the¬†San Francisco New Orleans District of the United States.