Ensuring the Lasallian educational mission . . .
Two Brothers, One Mission.

About the Brother Timothy & Brother David Endowment

To provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.

Brother Timothy Diener and Brother David Brennan worked passionately and diligently to ensure that a high-quality, Lasallian Catholic education is available for those who want it and need it. They also strived to provide for the long-term care of older Brothers—who have dedicated their lives to the Lasallian mission—and to support the formation and educational needs of younger Brothers in line to continue the work.

Scholarships Create Lasting, Positive Change

The gift of education provides the opportunity for students to work hard, learn and rise above their circumstances, breaking free from the limiting conditions of poverty and reaching their full potential. Our scholarship students are disadvantaged primarily due to their financial situations; supporting the education of students at the poverty line is an investment in their future.

Students, Schools, Families & Communities Are Transformed

Scholarships for underprivileged students benefit Lasallian schools by increasing diversity on campus. Whole school communities are made more aware of our responsibility to honor and serve those in need.

A gift to the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation is also a gift to the families of recipients, who sacrifice dearly to send their children to our schools and live with the constant worry of meeting tuition payments.

Our scholarship students often seek careers in health, education and law, building skills that support their strong desire to serve their communities in a significant way. By reversing the cycle of poverty in this generation, you are assuring future generations economic sustainability and prosperity.

Your Gift Will Change Lives

In the spirit of Brother Timothy and Brother David, we ask for your investment in this endowment campaign. Your gift will not only establish your legacy and continue to advance the Brothers’ important mission, it will also transform the lives of students through educational opportunities.

The Endowment can accept your gift of:

  • Cash
  • Charitable annuities or trusts
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Insurance policies
  • Jewelry or other valuable personal property
  • Real estate
  • Retirement assets
  • Stock
  • Wills and/or living trusts

Thank you—your gift makes a difference!


Brother Timothy Diener began his work, as a teacher, with zeal. But soon after, the Christian Brothers purchased 340 acres of land in the hills near Napa, CA, with vineyards and an old stone winery. They named it Mont La Salle and included winemaking as a source of funding for the mission. Brother Timothy was assigned to the winery and given the official title of “wine chemist.” The production and distribution of Christian Brothers’ wines and brandy grew rapidly under his direction; proceeds from the winery helped support existing schools and funded new ones.

As Cellarmaster of Mont La Salle Vineyards for over fifty years, Brother Timothy was instrumental in growing the Napa Valley wine industry into a global entity. His image became common throughout the country—and Brother Timothy always wore his black robe and white collar in public to illustrate that the winery was operated for the benefit of the mission. Brother Timothy was passionately dedicated to funding the vital educational work of the Brothers. Indeed, he stated, “I have always been a Brother first and a winemaker second.”

In 1989, Brother Timothy retired to Mont La Salle, where he was an active community member until his death at age 94. Near the end of his lifetime, he helped launch a new fund (now the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation) to provide disadvantaged children access to Lasallian schools.


Brother David Brennan served on behalf of the Brothers in several different capacities, but his first—and perhaps most important—role was as an educator. Brother David witnessed firsthand how education provides critical opportunities to help change lives and ultimately allow students to break free from poverty. During his assignments, he placed founder St. John Baptist de La Salle’s primary mission at the forefront: providing a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.

When Brother David was Visitor, he led the San Francisco District to address the needs of marginalized students more directly, establishing new programs and reinforcing the Brothers’ involvement in innovative education initiatives. Schools were opened in Yakima, WA; San Francisco, CA, in the Tenderloin district; Portland, OR; and Tucson, AZ. As president of the Christian Brothers’ winery, Brother David brought the business to its peak as a source of funding. Later, he was instrumental in selling it in order to channel all resources to the Lasallian mission, instituting a requirement that each school dedicate a portion of financial aid to families of very low income. This practice remains in place today.

Though Brother David died at the age of 72 at Mont La Salle in 2016, his vision of access to high quality education for all children lives on.