When De La Salle began his work to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor, 340 years ago, he wasnā€™t striving for sainthood or to spark a worldwide educational network.

Instead, he was responding to the faces of the children of the poor and working class who needed someone to recognize their dignity, to believe in them and to act. De La Salle gathered othersā€”like-minded peopleā€”to help provide the education, formation and support these children of God needed and deserved so they could reach their potential.

The Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation is carrying on this work today by providing student scholarships. The scholarships are given to students of limited financial means in inner-city, rural and tribal communities who experience the effects of poverty, marginalization and disparity in opportunity, particularly educational opportunity, daily. Scholarships to Lasallian schools help these young people lift themselves up through hard work and achieve their dreams for a hopeful future.

A gift to LCBF has great impact. It doesnā€™t just benefit one school or student; it lifts scores of students in multiple schools throughout the district who depend upon us to see their dignity, to believe in them and to act. Your gift lasts a lifetimeā€”and generations.

LCBF asks of you what De La Salle asked of like-minded people in his time: hear the call to serve others and respond to young people full of God-given potential, yet in need of educational opportunity. Support these underserved students through a gift to the LCBF Scholarship Fund Initiative.

Your gift of a Lasallian educationā€”imbued with dignity, hope, opportunity, faith, belief in God-given potential and serviceā€”transforms futures and lasts a lifetime. Thank you.